How’s Your Oxygen?

How's Your Oxygen?

How’s Your Oxygen?

Training at an elevation of nearly 7220 feet above sea level can be difficult at times. Beef is essential for success when training at any elevation, but especially at high elevations. One of the many nutrients beef contains is iron. The main job of iron is to carry oxygen in the body. The air is much thinner at high altitudes; each breath provides the body with less oxygen compared to the same breath of air at sea level. One serving of lean beef provides twelve percent of the daily value of iron for the day.

Protein is also essential for any workout. It provides fuel for your body. Studies have also shows that exercise is more effective when paired with a high protein diet. For just eight percent of your daily calories, lean beef provides nearly half of your protein for the day. Calorie for calorie, you can get more bang for your calorie buck with beef. For example, a 3-ounce serving of lean beef is about 180 calories. You would have to eat 670 calories of peanut butter to get the same amount of protein.

The tastiest multivitamin I can think of!

The tastiest multivitamin I can think of!

Beef even stacks up against turkey. While many people might consider ground beef and ground turkey to be interchangable, it is critical to evaluate the nutrition of each product. Ground beef contains more protein for fewer calories and cholesterol.


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If you still aren’t convinced, check out these quick facts based on one serving of lean beef:
• Nearly half of the daily value for protein
• Less than 10 grams of fat
• 4.5 grams or less of saturated fat
• Less than 95 mg of cholesterol

The choice is easy for me, beef provides the most all around nutrition that I need for my workouts. Beef also tastes great! There is no better feeling than powering through a tough workout, and then rewarding myself with a juicy steak. Happy meaty Monday everyone!

Rachel Purdy
Princess Farmer

Hormone Safety in Beef

As a Youth Development minor, I am in a human developmental class that primarily focuses on adolescences and emerging adulthood. Yesterday our lesson was about puberty and we discussed what possible answers there are for the early onset of puberty. Throughout the discussion, it was mentioned that hormones in meat, particularly beef, was a significant cause of puberty starting in earlier years of adolescence life because humans ingest large amounst of hormones when they eat beef. In case of this comment, I wanted to shed some light on this topic not only as I did with my class, but it sparked my interest as a blog topic for this week.

  • First and foremost, including feed additives into cattle feeds is a decision that every farmer/rancher/feedlot manager makes in consultation with their veterinarian and animal nutritionist.
  • Feed additives, or hormones, are added to cattle feeds in small amounts at specific times in their lives, which in turn can help cattle make the most of the feed they eat resulting in more lean muscle instead of fat.
  • The Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) reviews the use of feed additives in animals prior to use to ensure there are no adverse impacts to animal health, the environment, and ultimately humans.
  • Feed additives are used up through the cattle’s bloodstream before the time of harvest. A withdraw period, or certain date, has to pass before the farmer or rancher can take the animal to harvest.
  • Animal welfare is the top priority for everyone within the beef community and the entire supply chain is committed to meeting consumer expectations for high-quality beef with animal care at the core.

Cattle in a feed lot setting eat at the bunk. Each animal has plenty of room to eat and animals are calm as they eat a total mixed ration of feedstuffs.

The myth in regards to eating beef causing early puberty in girls is inaccurate. A main cause of early onset of puberty is obesity. However the rise of overweight, obese adolescence is no connection to the consumption of beef as a red meat. Many young girls around the age of adolescence lack a source of protein and are therefore facing protein and iron deficiencies. Choosing beef as a red meat protein will help fix this problem many young teenager girls and women face. Beef is a great source of protein that allows your body to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain health and functioning. Beef is not a determinate to a diet, providing low levels of scientifically proven safe hormones, and instead provides numerous benefits by supplying an excellent source of cruitial nutrient and vitamins to the body. What’s more important, beef also increases satiety and can be part of a lean diet, especially important in the current age of obesity. Beef combines this powerful combo to provide a safe, wholesome, and nutritious protein that anyone is sure to love, so remember, Beef: it’s what’s for dinner!


A visual using M&M’s comparing the amount of nanograms found in different kinds of food and in the human body naturally in comparison to the amount found in beef.



For more facts about feed additives or questions you may have about beef visit:

Check out this article for more information on the myth of beef leading to early puberty:

My Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

All it took was one day of running to start embracing fitness in my life.

All it took was one day of running to start embracing fitness.

This fall, I began a journey that I wish I had started long ago. I started running. If you would have told me I would be running on a regular basis just two years ago, I am sure I would have scoffed and rolled my eyes at you. When I started training, I had one simple goal in mind. I wanted to be able to run a 5k without stopping. As I started training, I hated it. I hated being winded, I hated how slow I was, and I hated that I had let myself get so out of shape. I stuck with it, and now running is the best part of my day.

My biggest competition is myself. Every day I run to embrace a healthy lifestyle, not to impress anyone.

My biggest competition is myself. Every day I run to embrace a healthy lifestyle, not to impress anyone.

I quickly realized how important nutrition is! Beef provides me with the energy and nutrition I need to tackle anything (plus it’s delicious! Double win!!). I can say with confidence that beef truly does give athletes fuel for the finish. I also realized that exercise can make you feel better. Yes, it does feel great to go run off energy. In addition I am able to just escape from everything for an hour. This week, I was very thankful for running. Finals are coming up and the stress is piling on. After I run I feel like I can tackle anything life throws at me. Running keeps me sane.

An added bonus to running is that I am able to enjoy the outdoors!

An added bonus to running is that I am able to enjoy the outdoors!

Another reason I decided to run is for my health. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and an assortment of cancers run in my family. All of these diseases can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The wonderful thing about beef is that it has been shown to help prevent many of these problems. For example, people who participated in the Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet (BOLD) study experienced a 10 percent decline in LDL “bad” cholesterol. Beef has also been shown to prevent many chronic diseases, such as type-2 diabetes. By being active and eating beef in a healthy diet, I am taking steps to improve my health in the long run.

Rachel Purdy
Princess Farmer