A Special Bond

A mother’s love is endless, strong, and always giving. A mother’s love does not go unnoticed and should not be shared and celebrated just one day out of the year specifically on Mother’s Day. I want to take the time today to honor and thank my mother for all that she does, her endless support, and over powering love. No matter the time of day, she is always there for me and can always seem to give the right advice to stop the tears or make my smile bigger.

My mom understands the value of hard work. She always put her family, especially my brother and my needs before her own. She never goes to sleep until a task is complete and she also understands the value, and has instilled it on me to never give up, always to power through a challenge or task. This is very evident in her during fair season when she was always out in the barn with me helping me with projects and is the first and last one to leave the fair at nights.


The county fair is my families “vacation.” Just like my mom, I love to spend the days in the barns talking with old friends, and there is nothing better than stepping into the show ring with an animal you have spent all summer working with!

My mom is always my biggest supporter. She has been there for me throughout all of my activities and watched me achieve and fall short of some of my goals and dreams, but through every step of the way she has been there to cheer me on. Throughout my four years of high school sports, she never missed a cross country or track meet, making sure she was standing somewhere along the sidelines cheering the loudest.

My mom realizes finding the value in positive aspects of all circumstances. Through the years I have participated in school, sports, and shown cattle, I have come to realize I am my hardest competitor. I put more pressure on myself to do well and achieve things than both of my parents do, teachers, or coaches ever have. I am also the person that seems to beat myself up the most, get frustrated and discouraged when something does not go the way I anticipated. My mom has always informed me that through all disappointments and adversities, there is a positive. She has encouraged me to find that positive and focus on it rather than all the negatives from a situation.

baby me

A flashback to my mom and I when I was only a few months old. By the look on her face, I can see instant love and support.

My mom is also my best friend. I have learned over the years as I have gotten older that the bond between a mother and daughter is inseparable. I feel so honored and lucky to have been blessed with a mother whom I want to share special memories with; go shopping, work with the show cattle, plant flowers, call on the phone every day to talk to…all of these special parts and pieces to a relationship that allow me to cherish the bond we share and the conversations we have.


An annual trip to get flowers and go shopping; I always make sure to have someone snap a picture with us so I will always be able to have these memories. A day filled with stories, laughter, and irreplaceable mother-daughter bonding.


To my mom who is also my best friend: thank you for always being here for me, for giving me that shoulder to cry on and for being the person that shares my joy and laughter. Thank you for taking a million pictures throughout all of my activities so I will always have those memories documented, thank you for being my biggest supporter in and out of the show ring, at track meets, sharing twelve years of dance with me, and cheering on the cross country course. I am beyond grateful for the relationship we share and the memories we have created!




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