An ongoing conversation within the beef industry regards to hormone usage in the beef animal. There has been a graphic circling around social media that I wanted to share with you today for #truthTuesday.

As consumers we often hear that beef is not safe to eat because it is “loaded with hormones.” This chart allows us to see and understand the levels of grams that are in other foods we eat daily, as well as a steak. Some perspective can be found showing the levels of hormones in beef, in nanograms, which is 1 billionth of a gram. Hormones are naturally occurring in the body, and this chart shows the final level of hormones in these products, ready to eat.


From within conversations had on facts about beef, feed additives can be added in small amounts at specific times in the cattle’s’ lives to help them make the most of the food they eat resulting in more lean muscle instead of fat. It is important to understand that all feed additives, also called beta-agonists or growth hormones are reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to use to ensure that the product is deemed safe for the animal, the environment, and ultimately humans.

As individuals, eating a balanced diet including all food groups is important. I choose to share this chart simply for perspective for all of us as consumers because I view it as eye opening and it is my hope that you do as well.



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