“Running with Beef” in NYC

New York City as a huge metropolitan area has a tendency to drawl large numbers of crowds for events such as the NYC half marathon. Many New York natives believe ground turkey is better for you than ground beef. When comparing 95% lean ground turkey to 95% lean ground beef (comparing apples to apples…in the ‘Big Apple’) lean ground beef wins being more nutrient dense, having more vitamins the body needs to sustain its health, and lean ground beef also has less overall calories.


Contrary to mosts belief, ground beef tops the health charts over ground turkey in many nutritional areas, some primary ones being overall calorie intake and protein

During my time in “The Big Apple” I had the opportunity to interact and engage in conversation with approximately 20,000 half marathon runners. Using check-off dollars to engage in conversations with consumers from the northeast part of the nation is important as beef production numbers are not as large as what they are in western region states.

As a part of the NYC Health and Fitness Expo in such a health conscious city, is was very beneficial to promote beef as a protein to runners, especially as an excellent recovery protein with needed vitamins and nutrients such as zinc, iron, and B vitamins. During long distant races, beef is an excellent protein for the #fuelforthefinish. Beef is a nutrient rich protein that gives runners the energy they need to not only sustain them throughout miles of a race, but it also is a great recovery protein for the fact that it has the needed vitamins and nutrients one’s body needs to reenergize and help with recovering muscles.


Let #teambeef be your protein to power YOU through the finish!

Educating and having hands-on interactive beef incentive recipes is important as we continue to reach a vast number of consumers as athletes stressing the quality of health beef provides before, during, and after the race. At the beef booth, we promoted runners making their own chilly spice mix to partner with one pound of ground beef. Not only was this a simple and fun interactive spice mix, the promotion of cooking it with beef in the crockpot the night before the race sparked many runners interests as they were excited to know there was a recipe with beef that they could eat and not have to spend time preparing it after running 13.1 miles.


The Chili Spice Bar allowed runners and family members to engage in a hands-on interactive activity as well as engage in “beefy” conversations

Spending the past three days in New York City interacting with city-goers and athletes was very eye-opening and interactive. It is important as beef producers we take the time to promote our protein to athletes and consumers in northeastern states who can benefit from eating the “world’s most efficient multi-vitamin.”

All for the love of beef in NYC!


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