Confidence Cooking with Beef

As a millennial, I am often faced with a feeling of being overwhelmed when I am in the meat isle at the grocery store. Not only is there an array of cuts of beef to choose from, the price can also cause “sticker shock” for a single college student looking to stay on a budget, but also include beef as a part of her daily protein. While in Denver, Colorado last week, we had the chance to become “chefs” in the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association kitchen and learn various ways to become confident cooking with beef. Below are five ways I learned how to become more confident cooking with beef that I believe all consumers can include into their confidence level with beef as a protein as well.

  1. Know your beef cuts    There are a handful of different ways to cook your beef and every cut has a recommended cooking method. Cuts that come from high mobility areas, such as the round, need to be marinated to get flavor into them and cooked on low heat for extended hours, versus cuts such as the chuck where mobility is minimum, cooking methods of high heat are best.

    Visit the interactive butcher counter at to learn quick and simple recipes to try with all your favorite beef cuts!

  2. Buy Family Packs/Let the freezer be your friend    Look in the meat case for family packs or bundles that include a variety of items at lower prices per pound. Family packs include different cuts that can please the taste buds of mom, dad, and kids at a more an affordable price. For packs that you cannot use all in one meal, put meat in a Ziploc bag and place it in the freezer. Beef is good up to three months in the freezer.

    steak in bag

    Separating steaks into individual freezer bags to store in the freezer ensures a safe product when you are ready to unthaw and cook it. Steaks can be in the freezer for up to 3 months-be sure to date your bag!

  3. Less is More    Millennials want simple and easy recipes they feel confident creating. Recipes with eight or less ingredients are more intriguing to the millennial audience because they do not look complicated and seem manageable in the kitchen.
  4. Stir-Fry is a go-to meal    Quick, easy, and fresh, stir-fry is great go-to 30 minute meal that is sure to please your taste buds. With Top Sirloin as a lean cut and including your personal favorite vegetables and sauce, you can mix and match making Asian or Italian stir-fries (just to name a few).


    Stir-fry can consist on a variety of vegetables or fruits, pastas, and rice! For a quick meal that feeds a family of four and costs less than a large pizza, try some tonight!

  5. Let your meat rest    While meat is being heated and cooking, there are many proteins within the meat that because of the heat are swirling around. If you slice your meat open as soon as it comes off the heat source, all the juices inside the cut of meat will flow out and the meat will taste flavorful and be dry. Letting your meat rest at least five minutes after taking it off the heat source will allow the proteins to slow down inside the meat and the juices will also begin to soak up. Therefore, once you cut the meat open, the juices, flavor, and tenderness will stay in place and a much more flavorful, joyous eating experience will be had.

    resting steak

    Before you cut into your juicy steak, let the heated proteins inside cool down and rest to ensure your eating experience is flavorful and delicious.

With these five simple tips, you too can be more confident about the beef you cook!

Have a terrific Tuesday!



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