Bottle Baby Care

This past week, one of my first time heifers calved. Unfortunately this heifer did not have any milk to be a mother to her new baby calf. In situations like this, it is a beef producers’ duty to take care of the calf and make sure that it remains healthy and growing. Because the baby’s mother did not have milk to feed her calf, we now have a “bottle baby” at my farm. It is our responsibility as beef producers to ensure our newborns receive the nutrients and proper care they need, even when their mother does not take care or feed them.


Colostrum is important for baby calves to receive with the first 24 hours of their life. As a colostrum supplement, my family chooses to use Lifeline or frozen colostrum from other cows we have milked out to ensure the calf gets the needed nutrients and vitamins to sustain a healthy, quality life.

mixing milk

As a milk supplement, we mix milk replacer and warm water together.

pooring milk

The milk replacer used per feeding is 10 ounces of dry matter with a 4 pint bottle of water. Mix the two together, poor it in a calf bottle, and it is time to feed!

frog eating

Baby “Frog” gets fed 4 pints of milk twice a day. The milk replacer used has needed vitamins and minerals to compliment the same nutrients she would receive if she was drinking milk from her mom.


Like all newborn babies, once her tummy is full, she is happy and content. We will feed “Frog” approximately one month before introducing her to dry feed-then she will drink milk and eat hay and feed just like all the other baby calves that are still able to drink from their mothers.

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