Expanding My Comfort Zone

Last week, our team travelled to my part of the country! We had the opportunity to really deepen our understanding of beef production by touring a feedlot and processing facility, along with meeting with several great organizations. While we were in Colorado, we also spent some time at the headquarters of the American National CattleWomen and NCBA. My favorite part of this day was spending time in the beef test kitchen where fabulous beef recipes are developed!

There is a lot of debate between grass-fed and grain-fed beef. We had the opportunity to sample both grass and grain fed beef side by side. In my honest opinion, I could tell a difference between the two types but I am indifferent. They are different, but I think that both kinds are delicious. It comes down to personal preferences and what you are used to. I grew up eating quite a bit of wild game, so I am used to the more “earthy” flavor of grass fed beef. I would encourage you to try both grain fed and grass fed beef side by side before making a decision as to what your personal preference is.

We tried ground beef and steaks of both kinds.

We tried ground beef and steaks of both grass and grain fed.

We also had the opportunity to put our thinking caps on and develop our own recipe! I do not claim to be a great cook, so this was a great learning opportunity! When I do cook, I am either meticulously following a recipe or I am cooking from a box. We were all given the ‪sirloin steaks and a kitchen full of potential ingredients and told to create a thirty minute meal for lunch. I felt like I was on the next episode of Chopped!


Having a plan before you begin cooking can help you have success in the kitchen!

It was a great lesson for me, that this is the dilemma that consumers face every time they walk into a grocery store. I felt overwhelmed with all of the ingredients and options that I could choose for my meal. I ended up making a dish I call Cowboy Mac & Cheese. It was a great opportunity for me to expand my cooking comfort zone.

Although it was overwhelming, I was able to create somethien!

Although it was overwhelming, I was able to create a meal without a recipe!

The biggest lesson I learned is that there is no harm in creating your own recipe, or modifying a recipe. The worst case scenario is that you will not like your creation, so you do not have to make it again! You never know, you might end up with something delicious that is a new favorite for you!

Happy Meaty Monday!

Rachel Purdy
Princess Farmer

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