5 People You Didn’t Know Owned Cattle

Take a moment, close your eyes, and conjure an image of what you think a rancher looks like.  Think about the sex of your character, their stature, the way they talk, the clothes they wear and what they are doing.  If I had to guess, this is something along the line of what you pictured:


The person you are thinking of is most likely male, wears Wrangler Jeans, Chaps and scuffed up boots.  He sits upon his horse, lasso in hand, wearing a dirty button up shirt and dusty hat.  This man might have a fashionable handlebar mustache and probably talks with a southern accent.  He might “guffaw” and spit, too.

Now, let’s try another exercise.  Out of the pictures below, can you pick out the rancher?


image1 (1)                  68419_10200092288693881_344431614_n


10570336_790664574300755_4714862430614487389_n                              IMG_0235

You probably picked out the dashing fellow in the lower left.  While Mr. Dean Fish is a terrific friend of mine and even better cattleman, he is not the winner in this contest.  All the photos above are cattlemen and women.  We like to travel, explore and have fun just as much as anyone!

  • TL: Rachel visiting France on her study abroad trip
  • TR: Alicia having trouble pinning the flowers on her prom date
  • Middle: Kalyn and her family enjoying a cruise
  • BL: Dean Fish at a Cattlemen’s Conference
  • BR: Will spending time in Ghana

Appearances can be deceiving, and beef cattle producers seem to be masters of disguise!  It is important to remember they are no different than you and I.  They have families, get nervous over school dances, worry about bills, enjoy vacations and most importantly take part in community activities.  They are not only men, but we have a growing population of women ranchers, as well as youth!

From the Heart of Beef,





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