#SuperBeef: More Than Just Meat

foot·ball ˈ(fo͝otˌbôl): noun, a form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron.


superbowl xlix

Football is often thought of as an American tradition. Whether it be the dream of a young child to someday be a Heisman Trophy recipient, a cookout to celebrate a Friday-night victory, or a Sunday afternoon watch party, football brings families together. In addition to the countless super duper yummy beef dishes enjoyed during football parties, footballs are made from leather; leather provided by cattle.

1. One cow hide produces about ten footballs. 120 footballs are used in the Super Bowl Championship football game.


Think how different our entertainment arena would be without football! Just remember: cattle provide more than a delicious protein source. They provide many by-products that we use everyday, such as cosmetics, leather and tires.


2. Chili, burger sliders, sloppy joes, and mini burritos are quick and easy options for party nibblings. 

beef enchilada dip

How will you be incorporating beef into your Super Bowl entertaining? I will be making Beef Enchilada Dip. This recipe takes less than fifteen minutes and is very simple to put together when pressured for time. Find the recipe here!


3.151.6 million people are expected to watch a portion, if not all, of the Super Bowl XLIX Championship football game.


That is a lot of families and close friends that may not have gotten to fellowship together without football. Thank you, cows!


4. The famous game will be broadcast in 232 different countries and territories.

Because the Super Bowl is enjoyed by so many around the world, beef plays a vital role in global entertainment and millions of pricesless memories made.


5. $400 million are added to the local economy because of this football game.

ram commercial

In addition to beef exports, domestic beef sales and cattle by-product utilization, the indirect economic benefits supported by the beef community are awesome!


So, while you are enjoying the big game, don’t forget to thank the ranchers who help provide the main contributor to the sport of football. And remember, if it wasn’t for cattle our whole world of sports would not be the same.

P.S. Are you incorporating beef into your Super Bowl experience? If so, we want to know about it! Be sure to include #SuperBeef with all of your beef pictures, tweets and status updates.

God bless, folks!

Kalyn McKibben

Blonde Beef Babe






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