Beef: the Tastiest Multivitamin

I recently went to the doctor and had some routine blood work done (don’t worry, I’m a healthy human!). They wanted to check my iron levels. I learned that iron deficiency is a big issue (especially for women). In fact, 12% of women aged 12-49 are iron deficient. My levels were right where they needed to be. A balanced diet helps me to maintain my health and participate in any activity I choose!


Beef is my protein of choice. Not only is beef delicious, it is rich in nutrients that my body needs. One serving of lean beef provides 12% of the iron you need every day. You can have all that, and more for around 150 calories. Most snacks are around that many calories, and you do not receive half of the nutrients that beef provides.


Calorie for calorie, beef provides more nutrition than other protein choices.

Beef is also an excellent source of protein! You can get almost half of your daily protein from one serving of beef! One of the biggest reasons I eat beef on a regular basis is because it provides me with the energy to run. Protein gives you energy to get through the day. Protein also helps grow hair and nails. So if you want long, beautiful, locks of hair, you better be eating your beef!

Healthy hair starts with eating protein.

Healthy hair starts with eating protein.

If you feel yourself getting sick, reach for the beef instead of the orange juice! Zinc helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses. Beef happens to be a great source of zinc as well. One serving of beef provides over one third of the zinc you need in a day.

Keep your body happy and healthy by giving it what it needs through what you eat. Thankfully eating right doesn’t have to be bland. Tasty beef recipes can be found here. Happy meaty Monday!

Rachel Purdy
Princess Farmer

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