The first time you meet Larry Grider, you would meet a man who thinks he is never wrong, has a lot of rough edges and truly lives up to the stubborn “Grider” name. He will tell you all about how when he hunts, the elk is “boom, down,” no chase, just drops dead. He will also tell you about how you are doing everything wrong with your cattle, and what you should really be doing. But underneath his tough exterior, you will find a man who has worked every day of his life and who cares deeply about his cattle.


His “babies”


Helping Get Cake








Larry ranches in northern New Mexico, near Grants, where he runs a cow/calf operation on several different properties. Every morning, after he checks in on his mom, he drives his ranch truck to all these properties to check cows, and serve them their cake. He also keeps a pasture of bulls, which he has fond names for, such as “Not Afraid”. During calving season, he keeps careful records on which cows have calved and which are due. If he can’t find a cow, he will drive around until he finds her, probably with her new calf, and make sure she hasn’t had any trouble.

As he drives out to feed cows, they come up to the truck and you can hardly move they are so thick. Roll down the window and a long tongue will weasel its way in to search for tasty things to eat. As he feeds them, he checks each one and gives them a pet. There are a few special cows that he gives extra attention to – mainly ones that were orphaned and he bottle-fed to maturity.


“Huncher” – Bottle Baby

Larry may come across as unemotional and gruff, but spend a few moments and you will see that he would do anything for his animals, no matter the cost. He has no formal education, but is a veterinarian, market analyst and ruminant nutritionist all in the same day. Most importantly, he is my Uncle and makes me proud to be a Grider.


“Fifty-One” Helping break ice


The “Real” Rancher


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