Merry Christmas Y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got to spend some time with those that are most important to us, our families. I know that I always enjoy the good food and being able to take a small break from our job taking care of our critters.


“Moo-ey Christmas!”


A couple weeks ago, we ambassadors had an idea that we should share with you some new people to follow within the beef industry! These are organizations we are active members in and we certainly enjoy seeing what they are up to.


Farm CreditFCSA logo_2c_stack

  • These guys are great sponsors for many agricultural and beef oriented organizations, including the National Beef Ambassador Program
  • Lots of Farm Facts, Ag Opportunities and More!
  • Follow on Twitter @farmcredit and Instagram @farmcreditnational


Certified Angus BeefCertified-Angus-Beef-logo_burger_conquest_what_is

  • Terrific Beef Facts and Figures and even better recipes!
  • Follow on Twitter @CertAngusBeef, Instagram @CertifiedAngusBeef and Pinterest!


Beef Pros63de1b68e7aaf4fd202de08fd025cf47

  • Looking for fantastic recipes, new ways to think about beef, or great infographics? This is just the place!
  • Find them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @BeefPros


Fluffy Cows29906170001_2491975936001_thumb-db81b751898a3d14350f4a5047004c44

  • Great place to keep up with the latest in the beef show world, especially with show season starting up!
  • Find them on Facebook under “Fluffy Cows”



  • More wonderful beef facts and all kind of agriculture news from around the world!
  • Twitter – @Cargill and Facebook – Cargill


Feedyard Foodiedownload


A Farm Girl’s FightEmily on farm

  • A collegiate cattlewoman at Texas Tech has decided to blog about the real beef story
  • http://farmgirlsfight.blogspot.com/


Peterson Farm Brotherso-PETERSON-FARM-BROS-FRESH-PRINCE-facebook

  • This goofy farm family makes hilarious parodies that show the public what it means to be a farmer
  • You can find them on Facebook and YouTube


Beef CheckoffBeef-Checkoff-Logo

  • Beef Checkoff is a key player in supporting our cattle industry and helping to put out positive information about beef
  • Find them on Facebook – My Beef Checkoff and Twitter @MyBeefCheckoff


Some local Cattlewomen and Cattlemen Organizations are active and avid members of social media, as well. Here are some of our favorites!


Ohio Beef Council


Ohio Cattlemen’s Association


Collegiate Cattlewomen of Ohio State


Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlewomen


Oklahoma Cattlewomen


Wyoming Beef Council


Wyoming Beef Ambassador Team


Texas Cattlewomen


Texas Beef Leaders of Tomorrow Contest


True Beef


American National Cattlewomen



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