What I Learned Traveling as a National Beef Ambassador

As National Beef Ambassadors, a big part of our responsibility is to travel the nation and promote beef at assorted venues such as races, fairs, cooking and “foodie” events, campus events, etcetera. Our trips are coordinated through various states’ beef councils, CattleWomen groups, collegiate CattleWomen/men organizations, American National CattleWomen, National Cattlemen’s Beef Board, and others. Essentially, anywhere that we can promote beef to large volumes of people (or really any volumes of people), we’ll be there. Through these travels-most of which are at least a seven hour plane ride from California (not to mention hours and hours of layovers and even a sleepover at the Seattle airport)-I have learned several things:
1. Starbucks employees are trained to read name tags. It took several instances of me feeling very confused/frightened as to how my name was on the cup without me giving it to them.
2. The buckles are always a conversation-starter. People will go out of their way to come up to me and ask about my buckle in an airport–it’s awesome! image
3. Every security guard has a clever joke about beef. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “What do you call a cow with two legs?…Lean Beef!” (And I always laugh like it’s the first time I’ve heard it because security guards intimidate me).
4. There’s no better time to strike up a conversation with someone than when you’re sitting by them on a plane, and there’s no reason that conversation shouldn’t be about beef. I always explain what the National Beef Ambassadors are and if they lose interest, I ask if they have favorite cut of beef. That always gets them going.
5. Perhaps most importantly, traveling as a National Beef Ambassador has made me much more conscientious of how I’m acting and how I’m treating other people. As a representative of the nation’s beef industry, I need to be friendly and professional at all times. Now, even when I’m traveling for personal reasons, I find myself being more aware of my actions.
I’ve absolutely loved all of the conversations I’ve had while traveling this year. It has truly been one of my favorite parts of this journey as a National Beef Ambassador. Stay tuned for social media updates this weekend as Justana and I travel to New Jersey for the Atlantic City Food & Wine event.

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