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I have some great news to start your Monday! Your National Beef Ambassador Team will be sharing a five part blog series with you, starting today. As you may know, our time as beef ambassador’s is coming to an end at the end of the month when we travel to Arkansas for the National Beef Ambassador Contest. I know we are all sad to see our time coming to an end, but absolutely thrilled to see the next group of leaders for the beef community! We would like to use this series to use our experiences throughout the past year to explain what qualities we believe makes a good beef ambassador!

Last year at this time I was extremely nervous that I didn’t have what it would take to make it on to the national team. Fortunately, my performance at the competition earned me a spot on the team and I have spent the past year realizing what skills it is that makes me a valuable asset to our team! What I have discovered, is the PACT is what

PRIDE is the first part of the pact. Whenever anyone asks me why I dedicate so much time to my role as a beef ambassador, my answer is always the same. I love what I do and am proud to have the opportunity to share my story with others! Growing up in the farming community introduced me to many wonderful people and I am proud to be associated with this hardworking, trustworthy group of people!

A is for ACTION. Many people have pride, but a good beef ambassador needs to use that pride to fuel their actions. Wear beef gear, run a race for team beef, post pictures of your farm to facebook or instagram, or talk to people around you about beef! Our pride will get us no where if we aren’t able to step up and take action to share our story!

The CONFIDENCE necessary to be a good beef ambassador can often be daunting. There are many adversaries to the beef community, and they aren’t afraid to share their opinion. At times, I find myself being pushed down by their messages and am afraid to stand back up to keep sharing our story. But, in the end we have a great story to tell and we need the confidence to stand back up and keep sharing our story.

TRUTH is the final aspect of the beef pact. The most valuable tool we have as a beef community is our honest story, because it is a great one. Like everyone, we are not perfect. But, we have a great record of fixing our mistakes and finding ways to improve in everything we do. If asked about past mistakes, we all need to have the bravery to admit to our imperfections but remember to recognize the great improvements we have made. For example, we have had cases of E. coli in our product, but we have also gone on to invest around $550 million on research and technology to prevent beef from these types of illnesses.

I hope that we can all remember constantly dedicate ourselves to the PACT of beef ambassadors. I hope you all enjoy the rest of our series this week!

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