Agriculture: An Open Door Community

If you are on facebook or twitter, I’m sure you saw how much fun my team and I were having in Lexington Kentucky! We were blessed with the opportunity to meet farmers and ranchers from around the country, to learn about the latest technology being employed in the cattle industry and to promote BEEF all along the way! We all missed classes to be at this event, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t learning! I learned about nutrition, gene chips and the opportunities that algae production has in creating a more sustainable beef product. However, the most interesting thing I learned wasn’t something that could be found in textbooks. Instead, I learned the most from the owner of Alltech, Dr. Lyons, and his choice to become involved in agriculture.

This is Dr. Lyons, the inspirational man whose work has helped improve agriculture across our planet.

Dr. Lyons created the company Alltech to improve animal health and nutrition across the planet. Today, Alltech is one of the top ten animal health companies in the world, and they have developed many technologies to help improve the sustainably and efficiency of agriculture. It would seem logical that this company was started by a farmer looking to improve his industry. But, that isn’t the case with Dr. Lyons. He did not grow up on a farm. Rather, he saw an industry that he could help improve and decided to dedicate his life to this goal.

Listening to this story was an impressive reminder for me! I have always considered myself blessed to be a part of American agriculture, and especially a part of the BEEF industry! I was given the opportunity to be a part of the BEEF community because I was born into it. Granted, there were some times, usually when the cows got out in the middle of the night, when I wish I wasn’t born into the farming lifestyle! But, for the most part I have considered myself blessed to have grown up with the responsibility to produce BEEF! Growing up a farmer, it’s easy to feel like agriculture is an industry you can only get into if you are born into it. But, as Dr. Lyons has proved, anyone can be a part of the Agriculture community. Even if you are born in New York City and have never owned an animal, there are opportunities to be involved with agriculture, anyone with a passion to feed the world can join the agriculture community. That opportunity to could involve buying a farm to directly raise livestock. But, it doesn’t have to be. You could also find agriculturally based company, doing research, sales or marketing. If you enjoy writing, you could become a writer for an agricultural publication. The possibilities are endless! The agriculture industry is accomplishing truly amazing things, and we are always looking for others to join us!

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Erin Morrison

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  1. Zach says:

    Excellent blog, I never thought of this as a way to look at the industry, but it really is. If anyone ever has any questions, they should never hesitate to ask anyone involved in ag for everyone is willing to spread ag’s good news.

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