Beefy Blast at Alltech Global Beef 500

Three words should come to my mind when you think about the future of successful farming – Efficiency, Profitability and Sustainability. The “EPS Principle” is the basic foundation for success in the future of Beef farming as we know it. The National Beef Ambassador Team had a BEEFY BLAST while attending the Alltech Global Beef 500 in Lexington, Kentucky this past week.  We heard about many topics – from unique genetic breakthroughs to networking with beef industry leaders.  This experience was the true definition of the global beef community… family.

Alltech welcomed everyone who attended the conference with a one-of-a-kind experience that allowed us to grow in our knowledge, learn about the technological advancements in beef production and provided producers with a better understanding of what practices need to be implemented TODAY to increase efficiency to feed our growing world!

Here are my top 5 take-home messages I learned while at the conference:

  • Consumer Education – engage consumers in conversations about beef
  • Feed the rumen – use technology to improve feeding efficiency by helping the beneficial bacteria in the rumen – exploit the potential of the rumen!
  • Be more sustainable – embrace the total value of reducing my carbon footprint in my livestock operation
  • Listen to what consumers want!
  • Build my brand and have a purpose – create opportunities to make success become reality!

It was great being interviewed by representatives from multiple agriculture newsletters and publications.  During the conference we had interview opportunities with AgWired and Alltech’s media production staff. The entire team was interviewed to see what we had learned while at the conference – now that’s pressure! We were all able to sharpen our media skills and tell our beef story to consumers and producers.  I was fortunate enough to interview Lauren Chase and Amanda Radke, who were both attending the conference for the same reason as us…to learn! I asked them about their recently published books  and the importance of beef production. This was very  inspiring for me and will be a continual reminder of  how important our Beef story is!

Listen to the team interview by AgWired!

Our red BEEF shirts were great conversation starters.  We were able to meet some amazing people!  It was exciting to speak with the international beef farmers who told us their stories and explained the distinctive cultural differences to raising beef cattle. What a change in perspective this gave us on our view of modern beef production! We even learned how to say BEEF in Croatian!!! I encourage all of you to plan on attending the Alltech Global Beef 500 next year!

The opportunity for success has never been greater within the beef community! There is so much untapped potential to increase production and maximize our improvements in feeding the world! We, as a beef community, need to embrace our total value and continue to differentiate ourselves from the world with continuous improvement! Every day we have an opportunity to make a difference in the future of beef production! I am blessed to be a small part of the exciting generation that is going to change the future of beef production!

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