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It’s Arika once again, bringing you another blog post packed full of what the beef industry has to offer you! For this week’s blog, I’d thought I’d share my Thursday time slot with a past National Beef Ambassador, Chris Brown who was also from the great state of Pennsylvania and a good friend of mine! Chris currently works with the Pennsylvania Beef Council and helps direct the Northeast Beef Promotion. Now enough with my jibber jabber, lets here what Chris has to share about her work with the Northeast Region!

– Arika Snyder

Extending the Beef Checkoff into the Northeast Region

Nearly 305 million people reside in America and 70 million (23%) of those residents live, shop and dine in the Northeast region. Contrast the magnitude of this population statistic with the fact that only 3% of the beef checkoff dollars are collected in this region. This gap between limited checkoff dollar resources and a growing population of residents in the Northeast creates a clear opportunity to channel nationally collected checkoff dollars into this region. Each year, the beef checkoff, through the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI), strategically allocates checkoff dollars into programs, promotions and events within the region to help strengthen the demand for beef and veal.


Where did it all start?  How did the NEBPI even come to be? 

In 2004, representatives from various state beef councils and industry organizations in the Northeast region joined together to discuss the opportunity to initiate a program specifically designed to channel national beef checkoff resources to the Northeast region, primarily along the I-95 corridor. In the fall of 2005, a request for funding was presented to the Beef Promotion Operating Committee to initiate the NEBPI program and it was subsequently approved.  The 2006 fiscal year was the inaugural year for the NEBPI Retail and Public Relations programs and in the 2007 fiscal year, the Foodservice program was approved.

For the past six years, staff with the NEBPI has been traveling the I-95 corridor primarily between Boston, Mass., and Washington D.C., promoting the many values and benefits of beef to retailers, foodservice operators, chef instructors, culinary school and consumers at-large.

If you’re interested in what the NEBPI has been up to in the past few weeks, view these My Beef Checkoff News articles:

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The partnership between the National Beef Ambassador Program (NBAP) and the NEBPI is certainly a strong one that runs deep in this region. In 2007, I was on the National Beef Ambassador Team and vividly remember attending the Boston Marathon with the NEBPI. Here we are now,  just five years later, and  I am now on staff with the NEBPI and had the pleasure of working alongside members of the 2012 National Beef Ambassador Team this year in Boston! I am incredibly thankful for the experience I had as a member of the National Beef Ambassador Team in 2007 and owe a tremendous amount of credit to the program for where it has taken me in the last five years!

I want to encourage you to continue to support the NBAP and remember just how hard they are working alongside the beef checkoff in the Northeast region!

Christie Brown

Director of Retail and Foodservice

The Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative


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