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It’s me Arika again, and boy am I ready to kick off summer with a healthy start! With so much going on this summer it’s hard to make time to prepare meals, exercise and do all the fun things summer has to offer like the many family cookouts, amusement parks, and beach adventures. Yet, it’s still important to include all these factors during into my daily routine. As you all probably read in my earlier blogs in February, I committed to run in the Boiler Maker 15K race that takes place in Utica, NY on July 8th.

With just a few weeks until the big race day it’s important to watch what I take in for protein, calcium and other nutrients I need to finish out my race nice and strong. I have recently started my 15K training this past weekend and it sure feels nice to get back into the swing of a nice workout routine. I started out with running two miles which is a good start, but by the end of my training I’m hoping that I can hit the 9.5 mile mark and run with ease. I know, I’m crazy right? Who in their right mind would think of starting out their college summer vacation with a hellish training routine to prepare for a 15 K??? I would!

My motto for this year has been, you only live once..so why not do something daring. If you think that running that mile in the morning or even jogging through the park is a bit of a challenge for yourself, take on the challenge and motivate yourself to make a change in your daily routine. Instead of watching your afternoon shows, why not take a nice stroll outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, anything to keep your blood pumping! Not only do I think everyone should take part in a daily physical activity, but I also feel that its important to eat right. Beef is one powerful protein and with beef our body can replenish valuable nutrients that have been depleted during exercise in a quick fashion. If there is one aspect to running or any other activity for that matter  it’s repair to muscles and recovery. Protein is the natural healer to muscle damage and injuries which makes beef all the better to consumer during a post or pre run meal. Plus, beef is a natural protein that can be cooked in so many different ways that it doesn’t matter if you’re on the go or ready for a sit down meal, it’s there when you crave it.

Just in time for this summer’s grilling season I have the perfect recipe that will have you begging for more. If you are seafood and beef lover this recipe is for you. I’ll share this wonderful link on how to prepare sirloin steaks stuffed with shrimp! It’s a delicious dinner and it’s a summer meal anyone will love, esp the athlete in your family! Please stay tuned for more updates before race day!

If you’re interested in participating in races yourself this summer, this link is very helpful to keep you motivated and on target with being ready for race day! Click here for the same training program I’m using for race day!


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4 responses to “Fuel for the Finish”

  1. Christie Brown says:

    Arika-I’m so excited you’ll be running the Boilermaker 15K this summer and it sounds like your training is off to a good start! Way to represent running powered by BEEF!

  2. Good for you, Erika, literally and figuratively!

    BTW, a 15K is 9.3 miles so if you are still running at 9.5 you have gone too far 🙂

    I have run the Boilermaker 15K three times. Its a great race. The entire Utica community seems to show up in support. Crowds 3-4 people deep along almost the entire course. I’ve never seen any other race like it.

    Keep up the training and keep fueling your body with beef. But, most of all, enjoy the run!


  3. A Friend says:

    Maybe you should consider the boilermaker run. It is .15k from the car to the liquor store and back. Heck even Paula Deen could make it. Seriously, best of luck to you.

  4. Arika says:

    This is my training for the Broilermaker Run…

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