“The Vegetarian Myth”

The other day, I happened to be on Facebook scrolling through the millions of posts left by my fellow friends and one post seemed to catch my eye. Now, I have to tell you in order for a post to catch my eye it normally is a controversial topic, a pretty awesome photography or a post that is absolutely hilarious that I just have to stare at it for a half an hour. This post, was a very thought provoking video that addressed veganism. The epic debate to eat or not eat meat, that tis the question! Ladies and gentlemen, I know most of our readers are lovers of the gentle cow and love its delicious steak sirloins, new york strips and filet minion s, but most college students my age beg to differ this opinion. College is a time where we’re able to discover who we are as a person and figure out our moral values. Not only do we learn to do laundry and do the daily tasks to function, but we are also left to feed ourselves nutritious meals on a daily basis! I know Mom constantly called me asking, “Honey, are you eating okay? Getting your three meals a day? You’re not starving are you???”  I swear, parents think we’re in capable of feeding our own bodies, but I digress. With feeding ourselves each and every day, we are given options on which to choose from and sometimes even influenced by fellow students on what we eat during our meals.

Recently, through the network of Facebook  I discovered a video titled “ The Vegetarian Myth”.  As I sat hovered over my computer I first started to wonder whether this woman in the video was in support of veganism or whether she was presenting facts that being a vegan really isn’t that healthy for you. I realized after about a minute that this woman was trying to prove that becoming vegan isn’t always the best choice. Author Lierre Keith of: “The Vegetarian Myth” talks on this youtube video of how most of society and our culture has been lead astray when it comes to the facts about nutrition and how beneficial being a vegan is. In reality, it all comes down to how much and what kinds of nutrients your body needs to be healthy and strong.  The most valuable nutrients that our bodies need for proper function such as fats: vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E which are fat soluble nutrients that you can’t find in vegetables , only in meats such as BEEF! You cannot simply avoid these nutrients ot

herwise you will die without them. Not to mention our brains are made up of almost 80% of fat. With a vegan diet most consume too much sugar. This gives your body too much blood glucose which is an overload of insulin.   Many vegans are led to believe that they can make up for the nutrients that they cannot get from eating meat  by eating some other type of supplement for that nutrient, but it simply is not possible.  Lierre Keith believed this myth for 20 years of eating the vegan w

ay, until she noticed why her health collapsed. It is important to know the facts about such diets before you implement them on your own bodies. Even if you eat one 3 ounce serving of beef you’re supply your body with essential nutrients such as zinc, iron, and protein which make your mind and body stronger. It is proven that iron from meat can be absorbed easier by our bodies than from any other nutrient food. I recommend those of you reading my article today check out this video and share with other the vegetarian myth.

Click this link to view the video

Update on my running so far- I started to run this week and started with a mile on Wednesday night. It felt refreshing to get out on a nice  sunny day and hit the road for a run! Hopefully next week  I can kick it up to two miles!! 

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