From Pasture to Plate

With the beginning of the new semester school has been a huge part of my life, and thoughts. A couple days ago as I sat in Bio 151 the professor caught my attention with one statement. The lecture was covering the topic of trophic levels in ecosystems and focused mainly on photosynthetic algae and deep sea ecosystems. Now normally this would not be my sort of lecture then she opened her first slide with the comment “and this is why people choose to be vegetarians”. My ears instantly perked up as she started her reasoning for that statement. She went on to say that because of the loss of energy by tropic level it is more efficient to eat the “producers” aka plants. Now I know her intention was not to convert the class to become vegetarians but I felt it was an argument that needed to be addressed. The first point is that eating beef does not mean that you are wasting energy for the planet. In fact the opposite is true! Beef cattle have a rumen which allows them to eat grasses and forges that people simply can’t eat. Beef cattle allow us to harvest the plants and break down the cellulose into a nutritious, wholesome, protein source.  I have always been one who advocates sustainability and living off the land. And for that reason I feel eating beef is an excellent way of going green. Today everyone is looking for a new technology to conserve more and leave as little impact on the earth as possible. Who knew that all along there has been a all natural way of feeding people using rangeland for years! EAT BEEF!

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  1. Karen Sweet says:

    Important message, John. We need to keep repeating it. Thank you.

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