Farmers and Ranchers Care!

In honor of National Agriculture Day, as well as Earth Day, the National Beef Ambassador Team is officially launching the “Farmers and Ranchers Care” photo contest! Each year the National Beef Ambassadors ag-vocate in honor of Earth Day in a special way! The contest description is below!

National Beef Ambassadors Host Earth Day Photo Contest

“Farmers and Ranchers Care”

Have you heard something in the media lately that has made you think more about the importance of YOUR agriculture story? The National Beef Ambassadors, funded in part by the beef checkoff, can help you spread your message. The “Farmers and Ranchers Care” Earth Day Photo Contest will help you share with consumers and fellow producers how you, as cattle ranchers and beef producers, care for the environment in your ranching practices! This contest will begin on Saturday, March 20th, National Agriculture Day. In order to share the importance of the beef industry’s positive involvement with the environment, you will have the chance to share your photos on the National Beef Ambassador Facebook page.

Step 1: Become a fan of the National Beef Ambassadors on Facebook.

Step 2: Upload your photo to the National Beef Ambassador Facebook page showcasing how you, as a beef producer, are involved in helping the environment.

Step 3: Help fellow producers in the contest and vote on your favorites. Below are the rules and guidelines for the contest. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy what the industry has to offer the environment.


  1. This is a photo contest to promote the cattle industry’s involvement in preserving and caring for the environment. These photos will appear to all visitors of the National Beef Ambassador Facebook fan page. All photos are subject to removal and disqualification if found inappropriate to the contest.
  2. In order to participate in this contest, you MUST become a fan of the National Beef Ambassadors on Facebook.
  3. A limit of one photo per fan may be submitted to the contest.
  4. The deadline to submit photos is April 11th at midnight.
  5. The photos will be open to voting after April 11th at midnight. Voting will be closed at midnight on April 20th.
  6. The method of voting will be by ‘liking’ the photos. Comments can be submitted, but they will not be weighed in the judging of the photos. The winners will be determined strictly by the number of ‘likes’. Upon a tie, the National Beef Ambassador team will choose a winner.
  7. On Earth Day, April 22nd, the winners of the photo contest will be announced.

NOTICE: All photos, once submitted to the National Beef Ambassador Fan Page, become property of the National Beef Ambassador Program. By uploading your photo, you give the National Beef Ambassadors permission to use your photo in any promotional event, blog, or other educational activity regarding the beef industry.


1st:  Your photo will become the National Beef Ambassador’s Facebook profile picture for one week and also in Malorie’s blog post on Earth Day. Your photo will also appear in the American National CattleWomen (ANCW) e-newsletter. The winner of the contest will also receive a $50 beef gift certificate.

2nd:  $25 beef gift certificate and will appear in Malorie’s blog post on April 23rd.

3rd:  $25 beef gift certificate and will appear in Malorie’s blog post on April 23rd.

After the winners are determined, they will be contacted by a National Beef Ambassador for information to deliver the prize.

For more information about your beef checkoff investment, visit

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please feel free to leave a comment on this blog or on our Facebook fan page! Enjoy and most importantly have fun!!!



P.S. Happy National Agriculture Day!!!!!!!!! Celebrate what you love best:  American Agriculture!

3 responses to “Farmers and Ranchers Care!”

  1. Carol Abrahamzon says:

    This is a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

  2. Kristy Lage says:

    Great Contest. the response will be impressive…k

  3. […] industry has to offer the environment.For contest rules and to check out the ambassador blog, link here. Finally, I’m sure the BEEF Daily readers would love to see which photo you are entering in […]

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